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Editors recommendation:
Virtual Victorians

Victorian education resource.

On the Virtual Victorians website visitors can look at the lives of Victorians in the past and visitors can also post questions. There are lots of images on this website and visitors can even check the “themes gallery” to search for images according to different topics. There are a lot of beautiful images provided by this website and you can use these photos or images to create interesting things such as e-Cards and presents to your friends or relatives.

On this website there is also a teaching centre so that teachers can use the suggestions provided to teach students about the basic information of the Victorian period. They can learn more about the teaching methods and the content that they could teach by visiting this website.

Editors recommendation:
Primary Resources

Victorian history projects, activities & quizzes.

On Primary Resources there is a section solely about the Victorians. This website is a great resource of useful information for students studying the Victorians.

In the section about Victorians, you will find a lot of articles about the history and famous people from the Victorian period. On this site there are also quizzes so that students who think they have learnt the basic information about the Victorian period can check whether they know enough about the Victorian period. Of course, the resources in this website could be used by teachers to teach primary students. There are different kinds of resources provided by this website, such as worksheets, quizzes, PowerPoint presentations, etc. There are a lot of ways so that teachers could teach in an interactive way.

Besides the teachers, students can also visit this website and find the information for doing their projects. This is because the language used is simple enough for primary school students to absorb the information from this website and find the necessary things for their projects.

Therefore, Primary Resources is a true educational website for anyone who would like to learn more about the history of the Victorian era.

Editors recommendation:
The Victorian Dictionary

Exploring Victorian London.

The Victorian Dictionary was created by Lee Jackson who lives in Stoke Newington, London. He has written several interesting books and he created the website of The Victorian Dictionary because he wanted to let more people know about the history of Britain.

There are plenty of interesting articles on this website, including some simple articles to give visitors a basic understanding about the Victorian period. If you would like to have more extensive knowledge about this historical period of the world, you could read the articles which contain a lot of detailed information pertaining to the Victorian ages. Therefore, this website is simply perfect for enthusiasts who wish to learn more about the Victorian period.

As you may know, many websites nowadays offer some form of newsletter so that interested parties can keep updated about the website. The Victorian Dictionary also offers a newsletter and by subscribing to it you can be informed about any new information that is added to the website.

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