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Alexandrina Victoria, the only child of Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn and Victoria Maria Louisa of Saxe-Coburg, was born on 24th May, 1819 at the Kensington Palace, London. Her father Edward was the fourth son of King George III and her mother, Victoria, was the sister of King Leopold of Belgium. Her parents choose the name Victoria for their child but her uncle, the then Prince of Wales, George IV wanted her to be called Alexandrina after her godfather Tsar Alexander II of Russia. Her father died of pneumonia eight months after she was born and her grandfather the king George III died six days later. Victoria's eldest uncle succeeded the throne and became King George IV.

After her birth Victoria was titled as Her Royal Highness Princess of Kent. Initially she was taught only German but at the age of three she started to learn English. Later on she became proficient in Greek, Latin, Italian and French also. Victoria received her education from her governess Louise Lehzen and the Reverend George Davys. Victoria was quite warm and lively and she was very good at painting and drawing. She was also a natural diarist and kept a regular journal throughout her life. In her formative years, Victoria was also greatly influenced by Sir John Conroy with whom her mother the Duchess of Kent developed a close relationship after her father died. Conroy treated her as his own daughter. But Victoria never liked Conroy and she was against him exerting power. Later on when she became queen in 1937, Conroy was banished from the Royal Court.

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