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Editors recommendation:
Tudor History

Tudor biographies and galleries.

Tudor History is one of the most popular websites on the internet where you can see images of the nobles or the kings of the Tudor empire. There are also other timelines that you can visit and learn more about the information of the Tudor history.

In this website, the layout is clear and simple making it very easy to find the information you want. If you want to conduct a search, there is a search box so that you can type your keywords and conduct a search to find the necessary information.

Besides introducing the content in the website, this website also provide links to other websites so that people who are interested to know more about the Tudor history can visit those websites and learn even more about the history of this great period.

The editors of the website also welcome questions from visitors. You can get access to the question and answer page and leave any queries you might have. The editors of the website will answer the questions and help you understand more about the history of Tudor empire. This website is one that you should not miss if you want to enrich your history knowledge.

Editors recommendation:
Tudor History Tours

Historical Tudor tours in Southern England.

Tudor History Tours is a good website for anyone who would like to visit the sites or remains of the Tudors. On this website you can view the history of the Tudor empire and you can find some of the most attractive destinations worth visiting, which would give you a taste of the Tudor empire. Then, you can decide on a date to visit those places and find suitable accommodations.

This is actually a website which can help people arrange a holiday in those Tudor historical sites. All the necessary information that you need as a tourist for arranging your vacation can be found on this website.

The owner of this site believes that people should learn by travelling to the sites rather than simply clicking on the internet for information. Therefore, the website tries its best to help people to arrange the necessary things for the holiday so that people will have the motivation to visit and learn a lot. The objective of the website is to provide the basic information about the history of Tudor people and let anyone interested to go to visit the historical sites on their own and learn even more.

Editors recommendation:
Tudor History Discussion

Tudor history articles & forum.

This website is ideal for students, scholars and enthusiasts to learn more about the history of the Tudor period. Originally, the content of this website was based on the essays and notes written by John Guy. But as the website has grown over time, more sources have been used to expand the website.

There is a forum so that people can communicate with others and learn even more about the history of the Tudor empire. They can read the articles on this website and learn more about the basic information of the Tudor empire. You can even join in any discussions with others about the information and further enrich your knowledge. No doubt, this is one of the best ways for people to learn, which is why the owner John Guy included a forum function on the website.

There is also a feedback section on the website. In this section, visitors can give comments on the content. If visitors find that there are mistakes in the content, they can leave a comment along with any necessary corrections.

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