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Editors recommendation:
Surname db

British Surname Database.

Surname Database is a family run website which has been established and operated on for more than 20 years. In the past, the number of researchers was little and the business was not operated in the form of a website. But now, more and more people are working on the database to bring the content for people who like to find the information about their own surname and in 2006 the owners of the business decided to put the database online and use advertising medium such as Google Adsense to cover the operation costs.

Most of the information provided on the website was collected through hours spent in local libraries. Since, the business was not an online originally, in the past people worked hard to find books in the libraries and found the information about the surnames of the world. You will now be able to find out what is the meaning of your very own surname from such a large database.

In the foreseeable future, the family operating this website would continue to include some new surnames and enable more people to see the origin of their surnames and understand more about their families.

Editors recommendation:
The National Trust

Search for a surname.

The National Trust is a website which actually tries to present the findings of a project. The project is conducted by the University College London and the aim of this project was to investigate in the distribution of surnames in places like Britain.

The surnames included in this website database are both current names and some historic names. It means that some names which had not been seen nowadays could still be found in this website. This could enable students who are studying history to find something about the background of certain people.

Of course, this website can help families to understand more about the origin of their own surname. Some teenagers nowadays find their surnames silly or not attractive. If they conduct a search on this website and get the information about the origin of their surnames, they would better understand more about the history of their families and maybe they would be proud of their surname.

People can also find the number of people who are actually sharing the same surname with them in the country. Since the project is based in Britain, the information is focused in Britain and the numbers given in the website would also be the number of people having the surname in Britain.

Editors recommendation:
British Surnames

British surnames and surname profiles.

Have you ever wondered how surnames came about to be and just what exactly is in a name? The website of British Surnames and Surname Profile was initially run as a kind of caching copy website of Surname Profiler. The Surname Profiler website was created by University College London. When the University College London decided to move the data to the new website called National Trust Names, they requested the website to remove all the data.

As a result, this website worked on its own to research for the useful data about the surnames. They searched in public domains on the internet as well as materials in national libraries. Although this is still an ongoing project, people will find a lot of different kinds of useful information about the history and the origins of some of the greatest surnames in the world.

A lot of people visit this free site and search for surnames. But if you find that the website is good and you want to support the operation of this website, you could click ‘buy me a drink’ to make donations. The website also welcomes people to share with them the origins of some surnames and to help contribute to the content of the website.

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