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The name Smith has been around for quite some time. Those who work in the smithing industry are known as Smiths and as time went on since people became known by the jobs they did, a person who was a blacksmith would end up adopting the surname of Smith. In most cases, the name Smith refers to those who are of English descent, but this is not always going to be the case. Due to the commonness of the surname, many immigrants; even those who were not immigrants adopted the name as it allowed them to more readily blend in upon arriving to the new world.

The Smith surname is the absolute most commonly used surname in both the United Kingdom as well as in the United States. The most recent census reports from both countries have come to the conclusion that an average of 1% of both nations consist of Smiths.

In today’s day and age, one of the most infamous Smiths is that of Agent Smith who was seen in the Matrix trilogies and was the arch nemesis of Neo. Then you have Zacharias Smith from the famous Harry Potter books which were written by J.K. Rowling.

Translations of the Smith name can be found in a number of European countries. These translations include the German ones which are Schmied, Schmitt or Schmidt, the Polish which is Kowal and Kowalski, in Latvian it is Kalejs, in the Serbo-Croatian languages Smith can also be found as Kovac and even the Italians have Ferrari, Fabbri as well as Fabris. Of course you also have the Latin Faber which is very popular in a number of European countries, Sepp is used in Estonia, in Arabic you have Haddadd and even in French you have Favre.

As far as places that are named for Smiths, you have the Deaf Smith County which is located in Texas, thee is a Fort Smith in both Arkansas as well as Montana, Oklahoma has Redbird Smith and there is even a Smith county in the states of Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee as well as Texas. In Australia you have the Smith Islands and there is even a Smith River in the western part of the United States.

During the 1970’s there was a television sitcom on ABC known as Alias Smith and Jones, then in the 1980s on the BBC a show of the same exact name existed as a sketch comedy show but the difference was that instead of Alias, they used Alas in pun of the 1970’s show. There was an English rock band that was known as the Smiths and the Smith & Wesson is one of the world’s most popular handgun manufacturers dating back to the wild west days of the United States. In the United Kingdom there is a large chain of bookstores known as W H Smith and during the 1960’s there was even an American rock band known as Smith.

Let’s face it, as the number one most commonly used surname in westernised society, there is not a day that goes by that you will not run into someone named smith; well unless you never leave the house. You may never even know their last name, but at an average of 1%, this means that 1 out of every hundred people you pass on the streets has the surname of Smith.


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