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Editors recommendation:
The Royal Household

History of the Monarchy, The Stuarts.

The British Monarchy is a good website for anyone interested in learning more about the Stuarts. On this website there is a lot of information about the history of Britain along with that of the Stuarts. The information is very detailed on this website, which you may not get on other sites. Therefore, it is welcomed by many visitors who love to study the history of the Stuarts.

Centuries ago, the Stuarts were one of the important groups of people in the population of Britain. There were many things left behind by them, including their culture and technology. Some of these things still continue influencing Britain today, which makes the subject of the Stuarts worth researching.

Everyone knows that the British Monarchy was one of the most powerful families in the ancient world and on The British Monarchy website there are a lot of useful links that people can visit to learn more about the Stuarts. They can easily get all the information they require. The content in The British Monarchy is neatly laid out and very simple to navigate.

Editors recommendation:
Stuart England

Comprehensive, in-depth study on Stuart England.

The History Learning Site, created by Chris Trueman, has Stuart England as one of its categories and could give anyone a lot of inspirations about the history of the Stuarts in England centuries ago.

Chris Trueman set up the website in 2000 because he thought that there were only a few websites on the Internet which could provide suitable knowledge about history for people. Therefore, he spent a lot of time to create this website and he spent a lot of time to write useful and informative articles teaching people about history.

Being a fan of history, Chris created a lot of useful articles to provide people information about the history of England. He tried his best to provide unbiased as well as objective information about each topic and he tried not to use the website to promote any specific ethnics. Therefore, the information about Stuart England is very reliable. This website also welcomes other users to contribute to the betterment of the website. Users can contact Chris and share their opinion of some articles on the website and improve the quality of the website at the same time. Therefore, the website will be more and more attractive and more useful in the future.

Editors recommendation:
Castle Stuart

Accomodation, weddings, parties in Castle Stuart.

Castle Stuart was one of the largest castles many years ago. However, wars in the previous centuries turned it into a ruin. Many people were afraid of visiting Castle Stuart mainly on account of various horror stories that had been attached to it due to its ruins.

But in recent decades, the castle has a new owner who has decided to turn this castle into a bit of a tourist attraction for people who like to have a taste of staying in a castle. On the website, Castle Stuarts, people can find information about the history of this castle and have the chance to enjoy its accommodation facilities. If you wanted, you can even hold weddings in this castle, also offered by its owners.

For people who want to learn more about the life of the Stuarts, visiting this website could be enjoyable because they can learn from the articles about the castle and learn firsthand by actually arranging to stay at the castle.

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