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Editors recommendation:
The British Museum

Resources from the British Museum.

Two of the ancient groups in Britain were the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. As they were in Britain for a long period of time it is no wonder that people are always looking for information about them. Among all the sites out there, The British Museum on the internet provides comprehensive resources for those who would love to study information about the Saxons and Vikings.

On this website, visitors have the chance of learning and seeing the history of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and they can also find useful books related to this topic through the site. There are links from this website to some online book stores that sell books about the Saxons and Vikings.

On the British Museum site, there are detailed explanations of some parts of the culture of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. The best thing about this is that even people who do not have a lot of professional understandings about history can still manage to read the information on this site.

The main aim of this website is to increase the interest of others in studying history. Therefore, the use of words on this website is simple enough for everyone to be able to read and understand easily. If you want to learn basic information about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, you can visit this site.

Editors recommendation:
Saxons and Vikings

Anglo-Saxon information, quiz and shop.

Saxons and Vikings occupied a large area of Europe from AD410 to AD1066. Being part of Europe, England was also a place where the Saxons and Vikings settled. On the 3DHistory website, the main focus of the website is the Saxons and Vikings people and the history of them. On this website there is a lot of detailed information on Saxons and Vikings. The lifestyle, tools, art and weapons used by them are also described and explained on this site. People who do not know a lot about the Saxons and Vikings could become quite an expert on the subject after reading this website.

At the end of the website there are quizzes. The questions are set based on the information included in this website and anyone who has read all the information on this website should be able to answer all the questions correctly.

Therefore, this website is very educational and ideal for students to learn. They can take the quiz and see if they have understood everything in this website. If they succeed in understanding the content of this website, they could indeed claim to know a lot about Saxons and Vikings.

Editors recommendation:
Primary History

Anglo-Saxon lessons & exemplars.

Nuffield Primary History is a site that was mainly created to help teachers and children to better understand and learn the history of the world. They can use this website to learn more about the Anglo-Saxons as well as the Vikings. There are a lot of useful teaching methods provided by this website so that teachers can understand how to teach their students in an interactive way.

Besides, teachers could design some cross-curricular learning processes for the students to make use of different aspects of knowledge to study the history of the Anglo-Saxons and understand more about how the techniques they use to study history could help them to learn better in other subjects.

This website is edited by many teachers who are experienced in teaching. Therefore, the teaching approaches provided by these people on the website are good and other teachers could surely learn a lot. Nowadays, everyone needs to equip themselves with better knowledge. Therefore, experienced teachers can still try to learn from the teaching methods provided by this website.

Nuffield Primary History is a pool of resources for teaching history. If you want to teach your kids about the history of Anglo-Saxons, this site would be very suitable.

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