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Editors recommendation:
Aurum Romanum

Authentic ancient Roman jewelry.

Aurum Romanum is one of the popular sites on the internet which helps people learn more about the authentic jewelry and some of the collectables from the times of the Roman Empire. The company is actually located in the Netherlands and people can get to know more about this type of jewelry by simply visiting this website.

Different kinds of jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, etc, are all provided on this website. Instead of simply showing the photos of the jewelry, the website also provides a lot of information about the jewelry and highlights any special points of it. In other words, the website tries its best to provide the history of the jewelry and show that the jewelry is a valuable asset in today’s world.

Since the jewelry is authentic, the price of the jewelry isn’t cheap. Nevertheless, the information and knowledge provided by the website are sufficient enough for you to visit it and learn more about the Roman culture. If you wish to learn more about the Roman culture, this website would surely be a good starting point for you because the languages and knowledge involved in this website is simple and easily understandable.

Editors recommendation:
History For Kids

Roman history for middle school kids.

Kidipede is definitely one of the best sites for kids who love to learn more about the Roman Empire. It is because the languages used in this website are simple and kids can easily understand it and an interactive way of learning is also provided by the website. Kids do not have to face the boring articles but instead, they have the chance to see some beautiful pictures about the history of the Romans.

Besides the kids, adults can actually benefit from this website too. In Kidipede, teachers can receive guides about the way to teach the kids. There are some useful tips and resources provided for teachers to teach students, especially younger students. Therefore, this website is suitable for all ages, not just the kids.

Editors recommendation:
Teaching Ideas

Roman history ideas and resources.

Teaching Ideas is one of the best sites for teaching resources. If teachers are going to teach history of the Roman Empire, this website would surely be useful. In the section about Roman Empire there are plenty of suitable documents that people can download. For instance, there is a Latin dictionary about the words commonly used in the Roman Empire and teachers can use this dictionary to learn information about Roman books and explain the ideas of the books to their students.

There are also some resources which may help teachers to design worksheets as well as projects for students to do. These documents will surely help students to learn more about the Roman Empire including the history and the art culture.

There are also documents showing the timeline of the Roman Empire development and the fall of it. Therefore, this website would be a good place for people who would like to inspire kids to study history. A lot of people have downloaded the documents available on the website to enrich their knowledge about the Roman Empire. Teaching Ideas is all about offering teachers the right resources that are needed so that students can benefit from their teaching methodologies.

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