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Editors recommendation:
Prehistoric Britain

Prehistoric England History & Educational Resources

Prehistoric Britain attempts to explain about the things that happened in the land of Britain in the past, specifically, the prehistoric age. In fact, there are plenty of things that people can talk about when it comes to the prehistoric era because there was a long period of time when people were living in the prehistoric era.

On Prehistoric Britain, there is a lot of content describing the development of the whole world in the prehistoric period. However, most of the content explains the Roman Empire in the land of Britain in the past and how Britain was established gradually. The website explains how the Roman rule was ended due to the development and the changes in the whole world and how they fell in the world.

Of course, there are some links provided on the website so that interested parties can enjoy reading more information about the prehistoric world. But most of the people would find that the content of this website is good enough and they can learn a lot of things by reading the content of this website. Therefore, this website is a source of information when people want to understand more about the history of Britain and how it came about.

Editors recommendation:
Prehistoric Man

Prehistoric life, maps, pictures & research.

Prehistoric Man is an interesting website which provides visitors with comprehensive information about the world in the prehistoric era. In this website, people have the chance to see some interesting images about the remains of prehistoric infrastructures as well as other sites.

On this website, people can see how people lived their lives during the prehistoric period. This is actually a website which contains information for all parts of the world. Therefore, it is actually one of the interesting sites that could attract people from all parts of the world to visit. There is plenty of information that is made available for all to see. Information that is present on maps is also available for all to see. They can see the development of the human race and the changes in different parts of the world throughout the years’ right from prehistoric times. This is actually an interactive way that people can learn when they are studying the changes in the world.

Editors recommendation:
Art Resources History

Prehistoric art, Mesolithic, Neolithic & Paleolithic.

Art History Resources is one of the most interesting sites on the internet as it provides an insightful look at artwork which was created a long time ago. On the website, people can see some beautiful photos and images about the artwork done a very long time ago. Such art has been carefully preserved through the ages for all to see.

All the information has been easily categorized on this site so that people can easily find the information that they want to read up on. They can learn about different kinds of arts such as Ancient Greek Arts, Ancient Roman Arts and others. All these works are interesting and a lot of people actually love to study these subjects. Therefore, this is a website which attracts a lot of people.

This website also welcomes users to contribute to the content of the site. People can send photos that they have about prehistoric artwork and the editors of the website may include them in the website and acknowledge the original photo owner. As more people start contributing to the website, it will continue to perform well and act well as a source of information for those who want to learn more about ancient art.

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