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Editors recommendation:
Go Modern

Classic Modern designer furniture

In 2006, Tina Mahony and Simon Ingham established Go Modern Furniture. The aim of this business is to provide quality furniture online. There are a lot of supporters of this website because they find that the furniture provided by this website is classic and they love the classic feeling.

Actually, there is a variety of choices for customers who would like to purchase furniture online. People can choose furniture for their living room, dining room and bedroom. They can choose a lot of different kinds of furniture such as TV units, chairs, tables, etc. Therefore, a lot of people would find that the website is useful.

Besides people who want to purchase some of the useful furniture for their home, there are people who would love to purchase the furniture for art study. Some of the furniture provided by the website actually is classic, especially if you are an art lover. There are numerous people studying art that would love to have one so that they could use it to study its carvings and designs.

Now, Go Modern Furniture is more popular and the scale of operation is much larger than in 2006. It is definitely going to be one of the most popular online furniture retailers in the foreseeable future.

Editors recommendation:
Modern History

Modern world history GCSE revision site.

For those who would like to study the history of the world conveniently, they may find that the Greenfield History site is very useful. This website was established by some teachers and the aim of the website is to provide useful information for people who are going to study for the GCSE history course. This is a website which is full of knowledge about modern history.

As you know, the GCSE history course would cover a lot of aspects of the world history in the previous centuries. Therefore, studying the content of the Greenfield History Site could enable people to study and learn more about the world in the past.

Major wars such as the World War I and World War II are included on the website and there are some other wars such as the Cold War and the War of Independence in the United States. Therefore, this is a good website for people who want to have a basic understanding about the world of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

There is also advice for teachers which could enable the teachers to find the best way to study and learn. With this kind of website, many people find that studying the GCSE course is not difficult.

Editors recommendation:
Faculty of History

University of Oxford centre for Modern history study.

Being one of the faculties in one of the most famous universities in the world, the University of Oxford, you cannot miss any chance to study the modern history of the world. In fact, this faculty has a long history in the university and it is actually one of the oldest faculties in the university. Every year, a large amount of resources are given to the professors of the faculty to conduct research work.

On the website of this faculty, there is a lot of useful information that many people can take reference from for their school projects. There are many useful links available on the website so that visitors can get detailed information on a particular project through clicking those links and visiting those sites. No doubt, it is great for ardent supporters of history. It is no wonder then that many people decide to study hard trying to secure a place in this faculty due to the amount of support that such a university could provide them.

The Faculty of History at the University of Oxford is one of the most revered places of study in the world. Having nearly 1200 undergraduates and nearly 600 graduates, it is counted as one of the best research collections in the world.

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