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Editors recommendation:
Georgian England Collection

The English Heritage Georgian Image Library

English Heritage Images is one of the popular websites online which could help users to find suitable photos of historical remains in England. The Georgian English Collection contains a lot of useful pieces of information regarding the heritages there.

On the website, you can browse numerous photos regarding English heritage. If you want to use the photos, you can click the photos and purchase the right to use the image. You can choose different plans of using the photo. For instance, if you want to purchase the photo for personal use, you can pay for the photo at a lower price. If they want to use the photos for editorial purposes, you would need to pay for it at a relatively higher price.

Of course, for each photo there is basic information such as the place where the heritage is located. You can simply visit those places and take the photo yourself if you do not want to spend a lot of money. But if you live in a place far away from those places, purchasing the photo is the best option, if you purchase the photos you can show your support to English Heritages Images as well.

Editors recommendation:
Regency Fashion

Costume history in Georgian England.

Regency Fashion is a webpage on the Fashion Era website which provides a lot of interesting and beautiful dresses as well as other forms of fashion from 1790s to 1820s. On this site, people can see the Regency Fashion conveniently.

The fashion in this era is actually attractive to a lot of people which can be easily seen from the inspiration drawn in the creation of lovely novels. The culture and fashion of this period of time attracted Jane Austen to create many famous novels in the world.

There is a detailed explanation to the development of the fashion trend throughout the period of time. You can also find lots of information regarding accessories on the fashionable dresses in that era. The editors of this site spent a lot of time studying the records from books and gathering the useful information and pictures for the sites visitors. With the pictures, people can have a more vivid image in mind regarding the fashion.

Regency Fashion is regarded as a popular site among those who love to study fashion. If you want to show your support to the hard work of the editors of the site, you can make donations and support the operation of their sites.

Editors recommendation:
History Reviews

Daily life in Georgian England, politics & culture.

Reviews In History was established in 1996. It is a kind of e-journal which produces the reviews for the life of people living in the world, including Georgian England. Since its inception the journal has published more than 850 reviews and thousands of people have read the journals on the Internet.

The reviews provided for this e-journal is usually longer than those traditional journals in schools. This is because the Internet media enable the journalists to include more information and the restriction of word limitations would not be intense. People can enjoy the printable version of the journal and read the journal when they are not in front of the computer.

Many students are able to use Reviews in History as a reference for any history projects they might have. The explanation to the daily life of people in different parts of the world such as Georgian England is detailed and professional. Users can understand the culture of other parts of the world by reading this e-journal.

If you wish to subscribe to the e-journal, all you have to do is simply pay a small sum that will be used for the maintenance and upkeep of operations of the e-journal. Without your support, Reviews In History may find it hard to continue their work.

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