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Editors recommendation:
Domesday Extracts

The only site to offer extracts from The Domesday Book.

Domesday Extracts is one of the websites which provides extracts of the Domesday Book online. The webmaster of this website uses a special scanner at the National Archives in London to extract pages so as to put them online for others to view. Of course, you may not be able to read the information on those images because you do not know the language used. Therefore, a team of experts and scholars have attempted to translate the whole book to modern English so people could read this book easily.

The process is complicated, and it requires companies or organizations to pay in order to bring these records online. But Domesday Extracts wants to spread the message in the book so they would try their best to keep these words online. You can read part of the content and you may further purchase a book from the website if you are interested in studying the whole book. As mentioned above, there is a cost that the website needs to bear in order to bring the content to you. Therefore, spending some money to purchase the book is your way of showing support to the website for all the help it provides.

Editors recommendation:
The Domesday Book Online

The Domesday Book information and more.

The Domesday Book Online provides people with the translated version of the Domesday Book. The original version contains a lot of ancient languages which most people would not understand. Therefore, they would find the translated version more understandable because the content is in modern English.

On the website of The Domesday Book Online, people can use the search box on the left of the website to conduct a search for the content if they want to look for the related passages using specific keywords. If they want to read passages about some related topics, they may try to click some of the links in the website because those links are sorted by topics.

If people are interested to learn the basic information about the Domesday Book first, they could use the FAQ section before they continue to read the information about the Domesday Book. In the FAQ section, people can study the background of this book and understand more about why this book is regarded as one of the most important books in human life.

The pages of The Domesday Book Online are user-friendly and simple. Visitors can get the information conveniently and read the content without encountering a lot of problems.

Editors recommendation:
Medieval History

Facts and interesting information about the Domesday Book.

The Doomsday Book is one of the most important documents from the medieval period. Therefore, Medieval History would contain a lot of useful facts and different information about the Doomsday Book.

Instead of the translated words from the books, the website focuses on some facts that people would not know from just reading the content of the book. It tries to introduce the background of the medieval world and let people understand what happened in that period of time so that they can understand more about the origin of the book.

From this website, people can also gain access to other useful websites which could enable them to study more about the relationship between medieval history and the Doomsday Book. They can learn a variety of facts pertaining to the Doomsday Book as well as why it was entitled so.

By introducing some of the major events in the Middle Age, people can understand the importance of the Doomsday Book to the whole world and they would be able to understand various events that shaped and scattered people’s lives in the Middle Ages. Therefore, through this website you can learn various educational details as well as facts pertaining to the Doomsday Book.

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